I’ve just travelled from my house in Reading to London, collected my bike and returning using only public transport (and human energy) in about 1hour30. I doubt anyone has ever acheived similar using their gas-guzzling automobile. People don’t seem to realise how expensive it is to run a car. When considering what you use a car for – the shopping, popping up to the petrol station to buy some milk or a newspaper, dropping the kids off at school 1/2 mile down the road; think – is it really necessary? I agree that there are times when cars are cheaper and necessary, travelling in groups for example. So why are there so many single drivers with no passengers, have they not thought of signing up to lifeshare or nationalcarshare. Public transport isn’t fantastic but when it works, it works well – your life may not be so hectic but are those extra journeys really necessary on the environment as well as your pocket?

The problem with cars is that there is always a reason to have one, whatever age you are. Teenagers want them to be the first in school to drive and be cool. When it your early twenties you wouldn’t consider using the bus and as you’ve got a job you feel that you may as well have a car. Thirties and you’ve got a family to run to school every day. Forties and it’s a bit of a status symbol in the management car park – who’s got the best BMW. Fifties and your not going to lug your golf clubs on the bus so you need a car and also to see the grandchildren and for those weekend jaunts. By the sixties, you are retiring so you want to spend some of that hard earned pension money (if you can afford it these days) on the car you’ve wanted all your life.

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