Orwellian overload

Its a right we in the UK have had for a long time, but not many people realise the value of this freedom. I’m talking about compulsory ID cards – the government is currently running a consultation on ID cards and you can make a stand against them if you feel strongly about it. Read this article too about how the government have made the consultation process notoriously difficult

Why would you want to do this? Surely cards will stop illegal immigrants, reduce fraud, improve efficiency of government departments.

Think about this:
– It will cost over 1.5 billion
And the government has failed to successfully implement almost every large IT system it has ever undertaken

– It won’t stop identity fraud
The technology gap between governments and organised crime worldwide has now narrowed to such an extent that even the most highly secure cards are available as blanks within weeks of their introduction

– It Won’t Stop Illegal Immigrant Workers
The black market operates illegal, dodgy employers won’t be requiring ID cards before they give them £20 cash in hand for a days work

Anyway, you won’t be required to use a card unless you wish to work, use the banking or health system, vote, buy a house, drive, travel or receive benefits.

Thanks to stand for this information. You should visit the site and help protect our freedom. If you think, why should I be worried, I don’t do anything wrong, then you are being naive – the powers and abuses that this card will give the police would be overwhelming.

To be brutally honest, I’d lose the damn thing every time I took it out with me anyway!

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