Stop the War.. Part II

The Stop The War coalition are organising a second protest in London – hoping to capitalise on the current wave of pacifism spreading across the UK with hope of stopping yet more mindless destruction by US/UK troops in the Middle East.

Quite how a small middle eastern country who has been under sanctions for 11 years has the power to start launching nuclear missiles is anyone’s guess. Everyone talks about a war but I can’t describe it as that – what will happen is an invasion – in the unilateral way that the British Empire once attempted to take over the world. Surely military action with 100,000 US troops, air and naval resources will destroy the weak Iraqi army. That isn’t the point anyway – yes – there are atrocities going on within Iraq but military force will not stop this happening, now or in the future. All brute force will do is to stigmatise another generation of Middle Eastern people to view the US government as tyrants, terrorists and mass murderers…

Anyway, the date is 15th February 2002 for a noon start at Embankment. Hopefully more people I know will turn up this time – there will be a contingent coming down from Sheffield again.

Want to know more about the reasons why Iraq is being targetted when similar violations to UN resolutions are being broken in North Korea and Israel? The Washington Post has a good article on this subject.

IndyMedia UK is a genuinely independent news media site so you can get closer to the facts than the headlines that the corporate media present to us. At least we aren’t yet as corrupt as the USA, where six huge media corporations own the majority of print/screen/internet media output and an independent voice has all but disappeared.

Rant over 🙂

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