shocking images

If you can get hold of a copy of today’s Guardian, the G2 section has a portfolio of shocking photographs from the last Gulf war. If there was any one reason not to fight, it would be to stop the horrific death, destruction and mental scarring on a young generation. 50% of Iraqis are children… There are some other photos on the Guardian online. Don’t forget about tomorrow – i think it’s going to be bigger than the organisers ever expected…

Big Brother Google

If your online life relies on Google for everything you look for on the web. You should read this Google as Big Brother article. Google is generally perceived by the web community as a friend rather than foe but as they grow they are gaining more enemies especially when they have taken it upon themselves to block or not list certain sites – when requested by Chinese and French authorities. Try alltheweb – this is what I use when I try to drag myself away from my google toolbar

friday boredom fixed!

Thanks to my brother for pointing me in the direction of this reflex game. (Comes courtesy of He claims to get 0.141 but my best is 0.31 seconds. I’ll never be a fighter pilot – lucky really.

The person who made must have a hell of a lot of time on their hands. I especially like the retro feel, How to Dance Properly (which a few of my friends should have a look at!..) and that gyro thing. Infact there is so much stuff on here – it’s amazing. Sorry all those non-flashers…

This mind-reading game has been doing the rounds – quite good, for two minutes.

If you hadn’t realised, it’s Valentines Day – so here for all you cynics are some anti-valentine ecards to send to all your friends!