bassic preview pics

Before the proper pictures get published (of the films that I didn’t lose….) – here is a photo of j-hob in the mix from last weekend! The rest including the drunken tube/bloke with wrench photo should appear over the weekend…

a right mess up

Oops. Luckily I just checked my emails because I am supposed to be flying out to Nice on Monday for a conference.

Unfortunately I obviously send the mail to book the flights while my brain was asleep and am going on the Monday 17th March instead of Monday 17thFebruary. (Why did February have to have 28 days…) There are 25000 people going to the conference so there are virtually no flights left. My £47 Easyjet flight is available for a week in March though 😉

I may now be going London->Frankfurt->Marseilles->Nice. Can’t wait…. Oh and don’t even ask where I’m going to get accommodation on the Cote d’Azur!

back at uni!

so the dust has just about settled and I am feeling awake enough to write about the Saturday night in Sheffield.

Having not been back to Bar One (Sheffield University bar) since that hot summer’s graduation day in July 2000 when I was supping Champagne with my parents and Nan, it was a shock to see the bar transformed into a mock-trendy bar… I don’t know if I preferred the beer-strained red carpets, peeling walls and hole-in-the-wall burger bar to the lacquered wooden effect, tiled floor and embedded widescreen tvs! The prices have gone up too : £2.20 for a bottle of Stella, in my day it was [ok – i’ll stop the ‘good old days waffle’ now]. Oddly enough, the only thing that hadn’t changed was the toilets – still as scummy as before, with fliers and stickers from back in the day.

The arcades were better though, I even managed a 46 combo on the standard level of Euro Stage Dance Mix 2 – the only way a good proportion of the student population managed to get any exercise between extensive bar sessions I imagine.

The Raynor lounge was opened promptly at 8pm and the bass was pumped up for the sound check – not a bad system for a small venue although complaints made about the mixer and the headphones.

J-Hob was first up and being his first gig, was obviously feeling nervous, this was not apparent in his Andy C-esque bouncing around during the mix – definitely the most dancey dj of the night. The set was a smooth blend of modern day funky floor fillers such as LK and Don’t wanna know, and rough’n’tough classics including The Nine and Squash.

Dr. Watson and Vim were up next, and the dance floor started to fill as those lucky enough not to be going to Pop Tarts found their way into the Raynor lounge for a dose of some proper music!

By the time Grizza hit the decks the night was in full flow judging by the atmosphere on the dance floor. Scidefekt and Ricochet played some heavy killers to make the room shake and give the crowd exactly what they wanted.

The MCs – TT, Bassman + Jez – were flowing and apart from some small problems with the sound system at the end, the speaker stacks held up nicely judging by the ringing in my ears the next morning.

Photos have been taken and will be posted shortly. Thanks to Grizza and the other djs for organising a top night and I hear this night will be moving monthly – so get down there next month if you enjoy drum n bass and fancy a more knowledgeable crowd and intimate venue.

photo time

Its been a while since a posted here but I’ve been mad busy both in and out of work. I’ve also been playing with lots of new mobile toys in work. Nokia have given us lots of prototypes of their new photos so I’ve had a 6800 , a 3650 and the brick that is the 9210i Communicator. The first two are really futuristic looking (but I’ll be honest in saying they have too many features and it’s tricky to send a text or dial a number), you can record video on the 3650 even if it’s not the best quality. Anyway – here’s a picture of me taken from the 3650 at arm’s length! (Like one of those Peter Kay holiday shots…) – I’m sure I’ll post a few more from the phone when I am in Cannes next week, depending on the weather 😉