Another week….

After a wicked weekend (Friday @ movement – Saturday spent loafing around Notting Hill, chiling, drinking Brazilian beer (Brahma) at the Art’s Club listening to some nice acoustic guitar by a geezer from New York. Then mixing in Reading and a few hours at the Fez Club. Sunday was spent drinking some quality Apple Strudel vodka cocktails in Revolution (the only decent bar in Reading and it’s a chain bar – oh well… nice sofas)

First impressions of my digital camera are very positive! It’s great to be able to plug straight into computer and upload photos, also taking a lot more photos because I can really! And the memory card can hold 250 photos at the best resolution. One thing I didnt realise was that you can also record 30 second films on them – watch this space for some of those being posted up (Broadband users only 😉

I was quite disturbed to read this last night – looks like we only have a month to live before we are all going to drown. On a cheerier note – this latest production from the rathergood people is worth a look.

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