Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Forgetful wouldn’t be my first choice if someone asked me to choose the Mr. Men character I would like to be compared to. However recently my forgetfulness has become worse than ever and the consequences of this have started to infuriate me greatly.

I have always lost things throughout my life, coming home from school without a jumper, leaving a bag on the train or a beer at the bar.

Recently (like this morning) I managed to ‘lose’ my mobile phone. I was half way to work when I realised I didn’t have it so re-traced my steps which took me to my bedroom. I then got so annoyed because I couldn’t find it anywhere. Each of my possessions was carefully examined and moved military style from one side of the room to the other. Still no joy, then I look down the road, nothing. I would ring it – but I leave it on silent normally to avoid any late night drunken calls… Eventually I find it, tucked against the side of the bed under the valence.

Recently I have lost a film (containing some good photos), keys (multiple times), headphones (since found)… and left items scattered around the country at friend’s houses.

Maybe I should buy that book that is always in the small ads in most newspapers each week – with claims like “Remember EVERY person youve EVER met…” – (it’s called Adventures in Memory by the way – freephone 0800 298 7070!) Might not help with losing keys though.

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