pro war rallies linked to bush

This article, Channels of Influence, from the NYTimes, shows how the pro-war rallies in the US were orchestrated by a much larger force than pure people power…

My own personal viewpoint about the war hasn’t changed much but I am more and more concerned that this could drag on for weeks and months. If the republican guards retreat into Baghdad, the street battles could claim thousands of lives on both sides. They are not going to give up their power that easily – they know the fall of the Saddam regime would mean the end of their power, so they have nothing to lose.

On the question of Chemical and Nuclear weapons, there is speculation they may be used by the republican guards as the US forces approach. This is truly scary for all sides – of course, the US are firing shells with depleted uranium in Iraq. These have been scientifically proven to increase cancer rates in war zones where they have been deployed. Scary times indeed.

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