Its that time of year

Its the time of year when you hear people talking about “Changing the clocks at the weekend” – Whenever I hear anyone talking about this, you undoubtedly get one person saying “So do they go back or forward?”, someone on the sidelines will go “Whats that phrase, Spring forward, Fall back, so the clocks go forward”. Next person will then say “So does that mean we get an hours extra sleep”… and on and on and on. I have heard this twice already today…. (“ooh and it’ll be light til 7pm” – how amazing….)

I already predict the clocks will go forward at 2am on Sunday morning and it will rain all day Sunday hence reducing the extra hours “daylight” to dark gloomy skies (+ I am in Manchester for extra gloom)…

While on the subject of things people never remember, the number of days in a month. Certain people know the “30 days hath September…” rhyme, but why does it just not work when it comes to February? Couldn’t the inventor of this have thought of a more rhythmic ending?

Is this the sunniest March ever anyway? Just been sat in the park and Reading feels slightly continental…

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