The end of the war

Having watched the amazing scenes in Baghdad today, I truly hope that the last of the bombs have been dropped from US and British planes, the destruction of Iraq can now stop and rebuilding can take place.

It was a momentous day, the bronze statue of Saddam being pulled down was a symbolic moment in this countries history – quite why a US soldier had to drape the stars and stripes around Saddam’s head is anyone’s guess. Hastily removed, a shabby Iraqi flag took it’s place. Once pulled down, people began to spit and slap the statue with their shoes – the mob were annoyed, but able to show their anger without any fear of retribution.

I just hope the coming days, weeks and months will bring forward a stable government and steady rebuilding of this once great country – not like the shambles that has been the democratisation of Afghanistan where Kabul is secure and the rest of the country is run by tribal warlords

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