rain rain rain

Its been months (well it feels like it) since it has rained when I have wanted to leave the office. I can’t believe how heavy the rain is. So I am sort of stuck here for a while until it stops because my only form of transport is my trusty mountain bike.

(from fotologs.net)

Look how miserable it is… 4 months of nearly no rain then this… Now imagine sitting in a field at the end of June in these conditions 😉

Yeah can’t get my moblogging stuff to work yet, but fotolog.net does a good job and there are some great photos on here. For moblogging resources try here.

Friday night and I’m stuck in work – this isn’t right. And the Valve sound system is at Reading University tonight, don’t think I’m reaching. Got Dekefex @ Mass in Brixton to look forward to tomorrow instead.

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