here comes the sun

If you got up late this morning you probably missed it, but at 6.30 this morning it was a beautiful sunny day.

I cycled along the Kennet & Avon Canal, through Sonning and then up a stupidly long hill before returning to Reading. Beautiful day but it’s already cloudly – Thats whats supposed to happen on Bank Holidays though I suppose.

3 thoughts on “here comes the sun”

  1. Hi, I’m just rising now in the U.S., will be a nice one here this morning, but a bit chilly. I would have loved to bike along with your this A.M., because I love to ride, but mostly because it would have meant I was in the U.K., somewhere I have yet to visit. Instead I will be doing a 5 mile run (for charity) and going off to work afterwards. Have a nice holiday.

  2. Alright Andy,

    What were you doing up so early? I am with Jo at her mum and dads and join JPR on Monday. Not sure about next week as Jo is down in London and she is seeing mates in Brighton Saturday. Ruud was fantastic today, it makes a mockery of the voting system that Thierry Henry can win player of the season, the vote is too early.

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