Farmers markets

They say you should practise what you preach but sometimes it is a little difficult. I have been buying Fair Trade Coffee and Tea for some time now but that was about as far as my ‘ethical’ shopping went. Luckily I discovered the Farmer’s Market in Reading this morning so took a trip to see what was on offer.

Comparatively small compared to the famous London market’s, there was still a great range of local produce on offer. I snapped up some Ostrich Steak (anyone know how to cook it?), Olives, Sunflower Bread, DuckBurgers, Organic Salad, Gooseberries, Strawberries and Raspberries. Such a wicked idea – obviously you cant do your weekly shop there but for fresh stuff it’s ideal and only a little more expensive than tesco – but think about who’s picking up the main share of the profits. It’s every fortnight so well worth a trip down to the Cattle Market near the Station in Reading.

I will put up the glastonbury review soon, i’m trying hard to remember what happened.

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