an update

It’s been a while since I updated the site. I think it’s a combination of amazing weather, not wanting to be sat infront of a computer in the evening, no time at the weekend, and no time in work either! It’s also been a chance to think about what I want to write about. Should this be a political site or maybe more about websites, mobile internet and the future of blogging.

As it goes, I’m not sure – I think there are going to be some new drum’n’bass sets up in the next few days and a change in layout.

Also working on a new project which is going to appear in the next few months and promises to be quite exciting.

Maybe the next time it rains I’ll write my glastonbury review and sort the rest of the stuff out but as it is, it’s 11pm and it’s so hot in my house that it’s too hot to do anything….

One thought on “an update”

  1. Alright Wrighty,

    I imagine your blogging activity may have reduced due to the new lady in your life. Can you blog us a description of the the lovely Jess? When will I get to meet her? Alternative Jess could blog a pen portrait of herself? or alternatively you could tell me to stop being nosey.

    I have reached new levels of sad as I have logged on using my new thinkpad at home which I hope rivals your equipment in the high tech hardware stakes.


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