Essaouria is a sleeping fishing down on the west coast of Morocco. After my late night arrival the next morning I found a town of whitewashed buildings with the blue of the sky, the sea and the petit taxis everywhere. Laziness is the order of the day, spent most of the morning sat in cafes in the main square until the sun got too strong, then strolled along the incredible beach (8km long and very wide) with what appeared to be hundreds of Sunday morning matches being played (slightly different from the amateur games in local parks in the UK on Sunday mornings). More jus d’orange in a beachside cafe and then some cous-cous with 7 vegetables (ooh!). After a siesta and some strolling through the narrow alleyways where you can buy so many artifacts and knick-knacks, I settled down to watch the sunset over the port. Very nice it was too. The pace of life is great, bartering is the key. People arent in any hurry to get things done and those that do are told that rushing just brings you closer to your grave. My thoughts exactly.

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