Essaouira Part Deux

Internet speed nearly stopped the blog in it’s tracks somewhere near the Bay of Biscay but I managed to find a relatively fast net cafe here in Marrakesh.

Spent most of Monday in Essouaira (spelt differently each time but is definitely the same place) lounging around cos it rained a bit with sunny intervals (as Mr. Fish would probably put it).

Good things today where: mint tea, sitting outdoors in December, hooded spiky gowns that everyone seems to wear – you get them at Glastonbury too 😉
Bad things: ease at which you can connect up to the “real world”, which many would think I like but I’ve decided its all too easy, and will only get easier.

Had my first alcoholic drink in a fancy French/Moroccan restaurant where an expensive local Moroccan beer – Casablanca – was consumed and a glass of French wine. A Corona would’ve set me back 60 Dirham (about 4 pounds, beating London prices!). Nice fish tagine and some very un-Moroccan chèvre chaud for starters.

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