The end

Well its Friday morning now and there is not much left to do apart from sit in the last warm sun I’ll feel for a while and have a cool beer (well later)

So the last 2 days have been very relaxing as the weather situation improved in Rabat. Managed to find 1 Guardian seller in the town so I get the previous days edition but it’s nice to sit with a coffee and (attempt to) complete the crossword. There are a few sights; the minerat half build and abandoned in the 9th century and the mausoleum of Mohammed V. There is a great Kasbah perched on the coast with lots of whitewashed andalucian style buildings inside and also a great outdoor cafe to watch the waves crashing against the rocks below. The old a new towns are separate something that the French town planners did in most of the towns, they didn’t want to destory the old medinas – so even here you get two areas for the price of one.

So my final thoughts on the country, the people and the holiday? Well its been such a great experience and I’d recommend the place to anyone who wants something a bit different and only 3 hours away. If you speak French its a boon too!

My favourite bits were probably going across the snow capped mountains, chilling on the beach and the square in Marrakesh. Food is pretty good, the fruit drinks are cheap and plentiful and the mint tea is just great. The weather has been bright and generally warm even in December (not sure i’d like it in 40c June though)

Things I didn’t really like: People hissing at you to move out of the way, the impatience of car drivers (0.001 seconds after lights go green they are all beeping), the constant staring; although having said all that the people are generally friendly despite living in a poor country and having to survive.

So back to the hustle and bustle and consumerism of the UK in December, not looking forward to that. You realise here that people who are living on £3 a day on average can be happy and then when you see the sickening advertisments and the pressure on families to spend, spend, spend you realise the actual meaning has been completely lost…

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