london talks

Want to see in a different light? No, well you can anyway, check out this mix! Bizarre innit.

Quiet weekend which involved a trip to London and a more successful lunch in Edgware Road (than the 2-Dec-02!) This time it was lebanese restaurant with great food, the other restaurant appears to be still trading. Things don’t change that much although some Angus Steak houses (worst restaurant in the world – check this review) have changed to “Scotch Steak Houses” with green lighting but the same dated red decor inside. Tourists beware – this is not what British cuisine is like in 2004..)

London 2012 – Just how is London’s transport going to cope with thousands more people descending down onto it’s creaking infrastructure when you have to wait 10 minutes currently to get crushed onto a slow running tube. I just don’t see it how will work. (Anyway my money’s on Rio – the UK is just not on the radar due to non-olympic politics I feel)

18 Days into the new year and I am still in new year resolution mode. Well my 1 alcoholic drink maximum a day turned into 3 pints of Guinness’ last night, but I was celebrating a speculative bet on Wolves beating Man United. Don’t you just love leaving the bookies in profit! (Especially when I rarely ever put a bet on.) Thanks for the crisp tenner Mr. Ladbrokes.

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