Having amassed a few gigabytes worth of photos since I got my digital camera about 9 months ago, decided to try one of the many online photo development sites where you simply upload your photos, choose the size, pays your money and wait eagerly at the letterbox every morning for the items to drop through. I used ofoto owned by Kodak. I uploaded a few photos from Edinburgh (you can see them here – yes Jess did get stuck in a door! The evidence is here for all to see. Sorry Jess) – and yes, the pictures have arrived today after 2 days and are great quality. They cost 15p a pop (+99p postage) but you can choose your best photos so it probably works out cheaper!

Oh and you can get a mug done for 6.99! [Other recommended ones are Boots, Bonusprint, Photobox. Haven’t tried em myself so let me know the results.]

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