london talks

Want to see in a different light? No, well you can anyway, check out this mix! Bizarre innit.

Quiet weekend which involved a trip to London and a more successful lunch in Edgware Road (than the 2-Dec-02!) This time it was lebanese restaurant with great food, the other restaurant appears to be still trading. Things don’t change that much although some Angus Steak houses (worst restaurant in the world – check this review) have changed to “Scotch Steak Houses” with green lighting but the same dated red decor inside. Tourists beware – this is not what British cuisine is like in 2004..)

London 2012 – Just how is London’s transport going to cope with thousands more people descending down onto it’s creaking infrastructure when you have to wait 10 minutes currently to get crushed onto a slow running tube. I just don’t see it how will work. (Anyway my money’s on Rio – the UK is just not on the radar due to non-olympic politics I feel)

18 Days into the new year and I am still in new year resolution mode. Well my 1 alcoholic drink maximum a day turned into 3 pints of Guinness’ last night, but I was celebrating a speculative bet on Wolves beating Man United. Don’t you just love leaving the bookies in profit! (Especially when I rarely ever put a bet on.) Thanks for the crisp tenner Mr. Ladbrokes.


BLEEP is the new online store from warp records where you can purchase stuff and download it straight from the store. Like the whole iTunes idea, it costs 99p a track or you can buy a whole album for £6.99. They seem to have some backcatalogue as well as new releases too. You can also listen to the whole track – but it’s a little sneaky – after selecting a portion of a track, it plays for about 20 seconds then fades out. Good luck to them anyway – if you can’t beat em, join em and make some money out of it; unfortunately I feel most larger record companies would rather we all still used cassette tapes.

Update: So I purchased my first online album from Bleep! It was a completely painless process. I decided to get Boards of Canada first album, Music has the Right to Children. I selected the album, checked out using Paypal to charge my credit card for the £6.99 and then I had the option of downloading a ZIP file with the album or the individual tracks. I opted for the zip and it took about 20 minutes. The files are well encoded high quality MP3’s and they have no copy protection, so in essence I could give them to whoever I want – in reality I’m not sure I would.

My argument against downloading off the net is that I thought you wouldn’t feel like you “owned” the music like you do when you own a physical CD, but I think maybe we are just kidding ourselves. A CD is no more than bits and bytes with a shiny colour brochure attached. Amazingly, once I had purchased the album and started listening to it, I knew that I had bought it and it somehow felt different than ripping from a CD or downloading from a more unreliable source. Another thing is that the artist gets 50% of the cost of the sale (Although this was always the case with Warp’s CD sales too). The problem is that the music industry per se is stuck in it’s old ways – album sale profits goes back to their marketing department and breaking some manufactured band. People go to a ‘real’ music shop to browse and maybe they will find something but generally it is expensive, you go to buy what you went there for and there is no easy way of finding similar styles/bands/genres for that impulse buy.

Now for those people who only buy music a couple of times a year after the Brit Awards or for Christmas, this may be ok, but I would argue that the computing and the net has change the face of music forvever. Apart from the obvious creation of electronica and computer based beats which have driven our generation’s musical tastes as well as mp3s, ipods and the like. The net has allowed us to find music that we never knew we liked. Listen to one artist and or will tell you what else you should be listening to, their influences and album reviews. Online radio stations allow you to listen to the world’s radio (My current favourites have to be KEXP Seattle and, and you can watch and listen to club nights streamed after the event (DrumNBass Arena TV)…

I’m not saying I won’t be stopping going into FOPP to buy a 5 quid bargain CD anytime in the near future, but I think the shakeout for the music industry can only be good for music in the future.

(Belated) Happy New Year

Welcome to 2004! I feel like the year has only just started as I only got back to work today after a very extended break. The last month has been another long break hence no time for – 2004 promises to be action packed and I will be getting back on track with the website… resolutions are there to be broken of course!

30 days in (about) 30 phrases:
One week work & Five weeks off – Virgin Trains working – DVDs on Trains – Christmas meal finishing at 8am – Not seeing daylight – Christmas Eve mad shopping dash – Wear more hats! – Hot wine and Cinammon biscuits – Cold Sheffield – Christmas Eve on a packed train – Christmas TV at home – Otterspool prom – Lets go fly a kite – Didsbury nearly a dozen – Alarms bells ringing – Chai! – New Years Eve Champagne – Partying at the Earl til 6am – Snow in Sheffield – Recovering with Sound of Music, Grease and Brucie – Trains to Edinburgh – First time in Scotland – Ferris Wheels and Ice Skating – Ghost Tours with Poltergeists – Quality Bars and Restaurants – Forth Rail Bridge getting painted – Spas, Saunas, Jacuzzis and Ozone Pools – Tay Bridge, Castles and Lighthouses – The Balmoral, Edinburgh; quality hotel – Swapping Gloves – Monty Python – Sheffield and Reading!

Right thats it – a month into a minute. BTW Comments work again so looking forward to some (un)constructive comments again 😉