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Oh my gosh! I have just heard that everyone I wanted to get a ticket for Glasto has managed it. I stayed up until 6am and thought that I hadn’t got one. In between distant dreams of engaged phones and broken net sites I woke up to ring engaged phones and try broken web sites. Then I checked my yahoo mail account and in the junk mail folder was an email…

This email said thank you for your ticket purchase at 3.48am… I read it several times to make sure. Yes I have two tickets… But I wouldnt be happy until everyone had got theirs. The websites are still playing up but finally we are off to Glastonbury at the end of June. That calls for a double bosh! 😉

Shame I stayed awake for 2 hours after I had actually got a ticket, not sure though if that email took hours to write. Today I am having a bad moment when I dont trust technology anymore – if anything were to happen (such as a bomb, electricity going down etc.) I’m just not sure how our infrastructure would stand up….

Never again will I spend 10 hours on the telephone… It reminded me of a film I watched last week (Metropolis) where they toil for 10 hours moving the hands of a clock – think it’s supposed to illustrate the banality of the life of the proles in relation to the city.. well i felt like that anyway but the outcome is more than worth it (please dont rain…..)

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  1. Living in Manchester and having first hand experience of a minor fire in a tunnel knocking out 130,000 phone lines I am not particularly impressed with our infrastructure. BT have still not got things up and running and we were without network connections for a day. Working in a paperless office makes this difficult…

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