Lo-Tech in the Lakes

In a world virtually devoid of Internet Access (fast anyway), mobile reception and GPRS no-body can hear you scream. Even more so if you lose your GPS navigator in a waterfall. Yes the lake district was the perfect place to get away from the shackles of modern technology for a few days. [Ok so my SIM broke and I didn’t want/need to check the net but it was nice not to have the option for a bit].

Camping Barns are the way forward; you can forget your luxury penthouses or modern city-living apartments. When you have a kettle on an electricity meter, a solid wooden roof and a mattress protected by plastic sheeting, what more do you need! We stayed in 3 different barns, 1 called Murt in Nether Wasdale (webcam here), Cockermouth and Rosthwaite. Despite some rain (when we took a trip to the beautifully situated Sellafield Reprocessing plant) we managed to do quite a lot of outdoor stuff.

The days were spent walking around the Lakes and the nights in the pub sampling the excellent local bitters (not normally an ale drinker but I thought i’d give it a go and really enjoyed it – and the apparant lack of hangovers the next morning)…

We also dipped into the world of geocaching. However this came to an abrupt halt when I was clambering up a wet, moss lined set of rocks near to a waterfall when the GPS receiver slipped out of my pocket, bounced several times, passed Hobson below and into the deepest part of the Waterfall, never to be seen or received again.. It was good while it lasted (pretty much like the weather really)….

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