tour of england

Had quite a manic few days travelling from place to place like a nomad – stopping for less than 24 hours before being moved on by the authorities for having an illegally seatbelted rabbit in the car.

thusday pm : train from Reading to Sheffield. Meal at the Strines Inn. Drinks in Cobden View which has a great place for a drink and a lock-in (until 12.45!)

friday am : Sheffield. lots of tea and bacon sarnies at a few peoples houses while Jess recorded vocals onto a demo track. Drive over to the Wirral.

friday pm : Wirral/Liverpool. over to liverpool – had a look around the town, went to the new Tea Factory for a glass of (amazing) red wine. Had a curry in a great restaurant on Renshaw Street called the Cubicle Restaurant where every group of diners has their own cubicle with curtain to eat their meal in virtual privacy. Only problem is the curtains aren’t quite wide enough to cover the gap.

saturday : Spent time in West Kirby, New Brighton (more run down than last time I went – though the 2p machines are great fun) and then drove over to Liverpool. Went and saw Antony Gormley’s Field at Tate Liverpool. Had lunch in Quiggins (which is great and really shouldnt be knocked down to be replaced by another clinical shopping mall, went to a couple of museums (The Conservation Centre and the Liverpool Museum). Then drove to Northallerton.

sunday am : northallerton. easter day bizness. fixing jess’s car (well more like watching jess’s dad do the repairs), fantastic sunday lunch with lots of gravy and yorkshire puds and then drive to sheffield to drop the rabbit off.

sunday late : nottingham. Dirty Rascals party aboard a boat on the River Trent. Was quite good fun and certainly different!

monday : bacon/eggs/supergirl and back to sheffield. Chilling out!

tuesday : Amazingly sunny morning – walked down to the botanical gardens which is a great place to read the paper on a sunny morning.

Off to the sunny (erm.. no) Lake District with a few mates tomorrow for some chilling out, walking and of course sampling the local ales. Full report on return! (if we get down from Scarfell Pike)

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