Quitting, Moving and Travelling

So its been a very hectic week. But I’ve arrived in Bangkok so thought i’d take 5 minutes out of the madness to talk about the last week. It already seems like a long time ago…

So on a steamy Wednesday morning I spent about 3 hours lugging boxes and bags into the Transit van and headed up north donned in my White Van Man attire (Red England Shirt unfortunately no Sun on dashboard). Unpacked it all again into storage with only minimal damage and CDs flung everywhere. Had some nice food and chat and slept on a sofa. Thursday headed back and popped into work for an hour. Then went out again and slept on an airbed. Friday went to work for the last time and at lunchtime had pub lunch with work colleagues.

What can I say. After 3.5 years and not even a goodbye card. I’m not quite sure what do think about that but it wasnt a very nice feeling.

But anyway I left Reading for the last time with lots of good memories but my general overriding impression was of a soulless Southern town luckily situated quite near to London to preserve everyone’s cultural and sociable sanities.

Beers in London before heading off to Heathrow on the extortionate but reliable Heathrow express and then a couple of hours making the most of my BA Silver card to have a nice shower and shave before getting on the plane. Was flying Quantas. The plane was going to Sydney but was only 1/3 full. I managed to have 3 seats to myself so got some proper sleep and then a nice english breakfast at 2pm (ok 8am in BST).

Thailand again! Looking over the fields at the orderly patchwork surrounded by little rivers and the occasional road, then Bangkok looming in the distance. The airport stuff was quick and soon enough I was in taxi flying along the expressway at 140kmh! Got to Khao Sarn after about 20 minutes and found a nice new guesthouse on Soi Rambutri. This road has changed so much in 2-3 years – it used to seem quite quiet and out of the way, now there are shops and hotels being built.

So yeah not sure where I’m going next as Jess is in an internet free zone (i think, i hope)! I lefy my mobile in the UK as I wanted to be uncontactable and also to stop ringing people when ive had too many beer changs.

Right time for a banana milkshake I think. Not quite sure what time my body thinks it is though.

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