On the Beaches

Ok so a few days have passed but Ive not been on the Internet! (Thats what quitting your job and travelling to a foreign country does!) So basically last Sunday I got up very early having discovered Jess et al where on Ko Chang. I took tuk-tuks, coaches, songthaews, boats and buses to the Island and finally found them lying under a palm tree at about 4pm! Ko Chang is a really nice island (Large rainforest and lots of nice beaches) It seems a lot more developed than Ko Pgan Gnan but maybe not as much as Samui however there are lots of ATMS, Resorts and stuff though in the low season it seemed really nice. The Treehouse guesthouse was amazing. The perfect place for a drink in the evening, however Nature Beach had a very rude English lady running the gaff and she kept accusing us of not paying and generally just being unhelpful. Oh well.

The roads were pretty windy and hilly – having never driven a moped/motobike before, my initial drive was in the dark with Jess on the back at about 9pm.. It went ok and it was automatic so there wasnt too much to think about. It was a lot more fun in the day though. We fed an elephant though it was chained up so maybe it wasnt the best thing to do?

We had 2-3 great days on the beach (avoiding the coconuts falling and the rude guesthouse owners, hiring mopeds around the island, visiting restaurants on wooden piers and watching the sunset) before a huge storm arrived and we headed back to Bangkok…

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