So it was an interesting trip back from Ko Samet. Our 6 hour bus journey was halted 3 hours in when the driver realised the hub cap of the right rear wheel had fallen off. On closer inspection, 5 out of 8 screws had also snapped off leaving the wheel hanging on with only 3. Luckily we got off this bus and our journey was only delayed by 1 hour. Arriving into BKK at 11pm, you’d think the roads would be quiet – no chance. Sukhumvit Lane was rammed – this is like a 6 lane highway ploughing right into the centre of town with the huge concrete skytrain directly above and numerous footbridges etc. Parts of the centre are really very BladeRunner-esque.

So we did a bit of sightseeing; the giant swing (stopped being used early last century afer too many injuries/fatalies), the Royal Park (with so few exits you cant get out easily!), The Grand Palace (with Audio tour it makes a lot more sense!),a couple of amazing Wats and a few trips on the M25 that is the Chao Prao River. We managed to get into the very posh Marriot Hotel outside of Bangkok and had a romantic sunset cruise – we were the only people on the boat (apart from 3 crew members) – had some slightly cheesy photos taken too, but it was very nice! This was followed by Sushi in MBK Shopping centre , the night market and then bed!

For those who have been here, that old geezer is still attempting to sell Hammocks on Khao Sarn Road, the water is still 5Baht (8p) and people still manage to play Badminton on the main soi near the hotel.
The milkshakes are still as amazing as ever and my 2 eggs a week rule has probably multiplied ten-fold… I blame American Breakfasts, Omelettes and Pancakes..

Friday was spent lounging in the New Siam II Hotel Pool which was a pleasant little oasis in the middle of blazing heat, noise and traffic. Jess and co. left at 3pm and I just did some shopping (Tag watch for 4 quid – hope it lasts the holiday) and a ‘fake’ id; had a nice massage (cant get enough of them). Now im about to head for Hualampong Station to take the 20:45 night train up to the Thai border with Laos…

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