Not very good at this!!

A Friday morning in work means that its time to write something on this thing before it goes off like the Salsa sauce in our fridge. Well we actually got nearly 2 weeks of summer in September which has been great. Evenings sat outside, walks in the Peaks + Notting Hill carnival (which has to be the best party in the world!)

This morning its a lot cooler, the mist is rolling in from the Peaks and I feel autumn is extending its icy fingers across the land. But I like the winter. Its all about wearing big coats (and hats!), sitting in a pub with a log fire, listening to some melancholic music and crisp winters mornings when the grass is dewey and the smell of bacon as a fasten up my laces and the song the milkman sings… (As we used to sing in primary school!) [Not that there are any milkman really left these days thanks to the supermarkets…]

Oh yeah, supermarkets and food. Well I’ve read two books (Shopped and Not on the Label) in the last fortnight about the stranglehold that supermarkets have on the UK (and European to some extent) food industry and it makes for shocking reading.

At least in Sheffield we have Beanies and Roneys amongst other places where you can actually get good organic and locally sourced food… More about this stuff very soon. But it’s making me mad!!! Also I’ve pretty much turned vegetarian although I’m not averse to the odd bit of locally sourced organic meat if I know it’s not been thru some strange machine, pumped full of water and antibiotics… etc..etc..