Time flies when you’re having fun

You may have noticed a rather large gap in the entries on this website. Well it comes from laziness, lack of a computer and being a little bit busy over the last couple of months to get around to updating. Rest assured that the obligatory yearly enthusiasm will return come the autumn.

Well since getting back from South-East Asia, there was Glastonbury (an abridged review appears below but the rest of the weekend is a blur – a messy muddy blur) – I keep finding mud on items of clothing and boots and stuff.

Then there was the week post Glastonbury when we really had to find somewhere to live but things didnt really happen cos there weren’t really any nice places so a month was spent living in Jess’ house (thanx Jess!)… where much beer was drunk and dominoes were played outdoor in the warm evening air.

I started a new job at the University of Sheffield where it’s been a month and a half of learning lots of new stuff, settling back into a very nice 9-5, having lunch in the Interval and places down on West Street and negociating the steep hills by foot (OK) and bike (an absolute nightmare!). It takes 4 downhill minutes to get to work in the morning and a very sweaty and lung destroying 8 minutes back. Still it’s good exercise. I’ve only once resorted to watching Neighbours when I get home, it’s just not the same these days!…

There’ve been a few free festivals in Sheffield (Peace in the Park, Sharrow and the excellent Earl Jam – where I djed). All were a great success. Otherwise, been camping, raving and generally having a good time – I’d forgotten how much fun Sheffield is.

Now we’re in the house, up in Crookes. Its great 😉 Finally things are sorting themselves out. The wireless broadband is installed, the shower works(!) and the rabbit will soon return. It’s all good. Plus the “mixing room” is a little cosy music venue in the heart of Crookes where a host of famous DJs have graced the wheels of Steel. If you can find it you might like it. Capacity 10, no attitude, wear a hat.

Whats coming up? Notting Hill, Spanish and photography courses, some more DJig (tinnitus permitting) and maybe holidays in Eastern Europe and hopefully Japan. And much eating of cottage cheese and other healthy organic produce. More on that another time I think.

The summer hasnt been up to much but Sheffield is quality. You can get out to the Peaks in 15 minutes and have the mountains to yourself! Everyone should try it once.

Well thats it – watch this space as they say….