Life’s a beach

Well been in Thailand a week and am just about at the horizontal point of chilling out and not caring about much else in the world apart from where my next milkshake will come from and eating my daily allocation of at least 2 eggs (Current egg count is 16 eggs in a week – is that healthy?)

Arrived in Bangkok last Saturday where John and Viv (read their blog!) met me at the airport and we had a couple of nights getting drunk, watching football and having a look around Bangkok – including a trip on the new metro which was underwhelming! Took a night train and a boat across to Koh Tao on Monday night and have spent the last 5 days doing pretty much nothing.

JIV Beach

Most days have been spent swimming in the sea or reading in the shade and having a beer as the sun goes down. The one “big” night out frazzled our brains such that we had 36 hours without alcohol.


On Friday we did a day’s snorkelling visiting 3 bays and the Fish and the Coral were amazing. You only had to be a couple of metres into the water before there were fish swimming around your feet. Lots of different types to. Of course feeding them bananas created a frenzy.

I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube including Fish Feeding Frenzy.


So that sums it up. Rest of the photos are on the usual Flickr site. Probably going to do some diving in the next few days. John is doing his PADI so hopefully he can help me remember what I learnt 2 years ago in Malaysia at AluAluDivers.