Caring for the Environment ruined my skin!

More about the sunburn later. Scroll down now if you can’t wait to find out more about this incredibly interesting piece of news..

Another week of beach-bumming. However, have now done 5 dives so far with Big Blue dive school including my deepest dive ever (24.7 metres) and longest (51 minutes). The first was a refresher as I couldn’t remember my BCD from my weight belt! After that successful dive did a whole day trip with 3 dives. At first the sea was very choppy and that combined with getting up at 6am made me feel a little ropey but the diving was good, met loads of cool people and saw some fantastic coral and fish. Did a night dive last night which was pretty cool especially as it is full moon tomorrow so had a spectacular boat trip to the dive site, sat on the roof of the boat watching the moon rise over the island. Saw a speckled porcupine fish, manta rays and hermit crabs!

Thai Whiskey buckets continue to be drunk despite their brain damaging effects. I have had the strangest dreams ever on this island (as have other people I’ve spoke to) so it’s either something in the drink or possibly the processed cheese. After the World Cup final myself and John managed to find some good music to dance to and once again I ended up getting to bed at 7am and having a “hangover” (although there is no headache more feeling unattached to the world) for the following 24 hours (I still don’t feel quite right now).

Have done a couple of walks across the island to some more isolated beaches and have fed some more fish bananas. Keep getting freaked out by the giant geckos (yes they are huge and they appear to be living in my roof) and various other insects of the night. There are also loads of myna birds flying around (Check out Hobson‘s photos for a few photos of birds 😉 )

So I have been sunburnt quite badly (in true Brits abroad fashion) but it wasn’t my fault! I bought some “coconut” sunscreen from the chemist which was supposed to be factor 15. Having liberally applied it and smelling like a coconut we walked over the island in the 11am sun. After a bit of snorkelling and sunbathing we headed for shade and some lunch. It was then that I realised I was getting red. By the evening I was very red. I bought this stuff cos it didn’t use any chemicals and it was produced on Ko Samui (i.e. 40 miles away). It didn’t work. I have now bought a bottle of Nivea factor 20 which was probably produced in Germany or something. I tried… This photo (left) was taken as I got redder and redder.
So apart from that just been watching the dogs fighting on the beach – they all have names and appear to “live” and defend the territory of their respective guesthouses/restaurants but they aren’t owned by anyone. It’s only the cats that appear to be kept on leads. Jon (Sairee Hut) and Barbeque (Blue Wind Bakery) have quite a few fights each day which is quite good fun to watch, Goldie seems to be brain damaged and spends a lot of time in the sea looking at the fish. Then there is another one which likes chasing sand and frisbees. Yes these are dogs and not people.

I’ve also been teaching John and Viv a bit of French before their trip to Madagascar later in the year. Also ended up chatting to some French people during the World Cup final. One was even amazed that I was English so I can’t be doing too bad with my accent.