Greg Palast rant and Msc News!

Greg Palast has written a great piece about the “so called” War on Terror and how the fear grips Americans despite nothing happening since September 11th. Whereas millions have no healthcare, people are living in poverty etc. etc. Local politics gets brushed aside while CNN and Fox News beam terror across the airwaves.

Also I’m starting out on a new adventure this September, I’m starting a Masters at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Mid-Wales. The full title is “Msc Architecure: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies“. Going to be doing it part time, it’s residential so I’ll be ‘holidaying’ (i.e. working) in Wales for the next couple of years. Still, I’m really excited about the challenge, maybe definitely at the end of it I want a new career but I have no idea what yet! Going to be a bit strange being a student again but as its only part time I won’t get a railcard.. Grrr.. Annoying as I’ll have to get the train there everytime.

The modules are a mix of practical information about building Environmentally friendly buildings, Use of solar/wind power, environmental law and polticis, hands-on advice and a 16,000 word thesis at the end.

Hopefull I’ll be able to put my essays/coursework up on the site as a reference for people.

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