They didn’t print it

I wrote a letter to the Guardian yesterday (ok emailed not wrote) in reference to this Leader article on the state of the UK Economy. I have an issue about the Vested Interests ramping up property prices for their own means. Anyway, I digress. Here is what I wrote

I’m disappointed that you talk about rising house prices and increased mortgage approvals (Twenty years on, Leader, 16th August 2006) as if they were a good thing for the economy. This is a false economy; rising house prices give a false feeling of stability when the economy is built on easily available credit and remortgaging. The Bank of England has an inflation target of 2% which it is currently overshooting. The price of “sofas” (!) may have reduced inflation this month to 2.4% but come this winter millions of people will see inflation busting energy bills, rising unemployment, reduced consumer confidence and wonder why the CPI doesn’t appear to reflect reality.

They actually emailed me back asking for my full address and phone number so I thought it had a chance of getting in. Suffice to say, at 6.30am this morning I sprinted up to the newsagent, bought the paper, excitedly opened it. And nothing. Oh well better luck next time I suppose. As you can see it’s not the most interesting read but the “fiddling” of inflation figures annoys me! Especially when gas prices have gone up 50% this year. It’s all about whats in the basket though.

Also discovered Craig Murray’s blog. He is the ex-Ambassador of Uzbekistan. He wrote about the torture that went on there with the expectation that someone in the foreign office may be interested in doing something about it. Of course, as our government is probably more responsible for terror than many others, they tried to stifle him and smear his reputation. What a great government we have. Anyway in this piece he writes about the so called UK Terror plot and it sums up everything I feel about it. Oh yeah and The Register have an article about how it isn’t exactly easy to produce this liquid explosive on the plane. It’s all a joke.

What else have I found? Well, this girl, “Babs” is going overland to her friend’s wedding in Brisbane. I found out about it through the CAT website (where she works). I’ve looked into this and it’s “easy” to get to Singapore but then there aren’t any boats so it looks like that bit could be impossible/expensive… I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen.

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