Good Times!

Another good weekend in the big smoke. The only bad thing is the public transport. It’s not that bad but the distances between places can drain every last bit of energy out of your body. On Saturday I left my house at 12.35 and walked down through Crookes, the University, Division Street, Town, the Peace Gardens, the Winter Gardens, had a 10 minute look in the Art Gallery, bought lunch and still caught my train at 13.27… Go get anywhere in London takes about an hour of your life.. Oh well once in a while it’s ok!

Headed for our regular haunt, the Foundry, where they do a Great Organic lager (I think it’s Pitfield’s lager they sell). Then decided to be slightly decadent by quaffing a bottle of Champers on Hoxton Square. Food and beers later we went to the Cross Central event near King’s Cross. Can’t really remember what/who we saw apart from Spank Rock. But it was a great night. Nice vibe and venue.

Sunday and Monday were spent at the carnival. Sunday we headed to Good Times and the soundsystems in that area.


Monday was crazily busy. Having to walk through police lines to get anywhere was mad and literally spending 30 minutes to get 100m down each road. Still actually saw a bit of the carnival for once, rather than just the soundsystem.

More on flickr. Also had a night out in between in some Arches near to London Bridge which was also a great night. Only 2 weeks til I’m next in London then that’s gonna be it for a while I think! The course starts soon…

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