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So a month or so ago I got involved in this Blogging By Mail concept whereby you send a parcel of food off to someone in the world and receive one from someone else! This time it was organised by the Happy Sorceress. I was sending a parcel off to someone in the US and it took me quite a lot of time to decide what would go in!

I wanted some local Sheffield delicacies. which was quite difficult. I spent quite a while reading the posts on this Sheffield Forum thread. Anyway I eventually built up a package. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo before it disappeared but it contained Henderson’s Relish, Local Damson Jam, Green & Blacks’ Chocolate, Yorkshire Tea, Some Teacakes, Organic English Apple Cider, a “Little Book of Yorkshire” and a postcard of a steep hill in Sheffield (of course!). It arrived safely with Danielle of Habeas Brulee last week and she sent me a nice email.

So I arrived back late Sunday evening from the first week of my MSc course (more about that later) to a parcel from Australia which was extremely exciting!

It came from Kathryn Elliot and had loads of cool stuff inside. Firstly some breakfast stuff. Kathryn explained she was a bit of a museli obsessive and this is her home-made secret formula. Also the marmalade is made from oranges from her neighbours garden. Oh to grow oranges in your back garden! Looking forward to my oz breakfast later in the week!

Next was some Chilli Chocolate from Kimberley’s Chocolates near to where Kathryn lives. Definitely had a bit of a kick to it! Plus a Koala chocolate bar which is pretty cool. Oh and some Nobby’s Nuts! I’ll be nibbling on them later at the weekend I reckon.

Next some amazing dried mango which was the first thing to be eaten! Some seeds (Austalian Tomatoes and Silverbeet) which I’m looking forward to trying out growing next year…. Finally some Akadjura which is an aboriginal spice that has been eaten in Central/Western Australia for thousands of years. A Bush Tomato/Spinach and Mushroom Risotto recipe was enclosed which I’m also going to try this weekend.

So that was my first food blogging by post it certainly won’t be the last. I’d like to say thanks to Kathryn again. It’s such a great feeling to get a parcel through the post especially one that has been so well put together. It gave me such a grin on my face on Sunday evening and faith in humanity!!

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