Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-19

  • Why do journalists write so much rubbish about twitter? #
  • Medialens weigh into Monbiot vs Guardian "debate" on advertising and climate. Really powerful stuff once again #
  • and Leanne have reached Kuala Lumpur. 11 countries, 173 days, 17 days of travelling, 15300 miles covered by train (and a few buses). Phew… #
  • Cheers @EdPisco Last journey was accompanied by me listening to the Fall. Really rather enjoyed it, watching the documentary helped! in reply to EdPisco #
  • @EdPisco This Country's Saving Grace. Just hit it at random. I like it though. Spoilt Victorian Child…. in reply to EdPisco #
  • Dimitry Orlov's incredible presentation about how the world is going to change and what you can do to be ready. Powerful. #

One thought on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-19”

  1. Whilst I do agree with a lot of what media lens says I do find their tone rather off-putting. They always on the warpath and use quite inflammatory language. I can’t help thinking that if they used a slightly more moderated tone, that didn’t detract from their message, that they would become accessible to a much wider audience and may encourage some of those that they are attacking to be more swayed towards their viewpoint. As they currently are it makes them more easily dismissed as extreme, which is a shame because they are not extreme and their message deserves to be heard more widely. As it is I fear that their readership will forever be stuck with far lefties.

    Their articles are often lengthier than I am willing to read. I appreciate that all of their arguments are very soundly referenced and that is very important. I think it would also help if they introduced each article with an abstract explaining the key points and gist of the article, if you are really interested in the topic then you can read on.

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