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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-19

  • Why do journalists write so much rubbish about twitter? #
  • Medialens weigh into Monbiot vs Guardian "debate" on advertising and climate. Really powerful stuff once again #
  • and Leanne have reached Kuala Lumpur. 11 countries, 173 days, 17 days of travelling, 15300 miles covered by train (and a few buses). Phew… #
  • Cheers @EdPisco Last journey was accompanied by me listening to the Fall. Really rather enjoyed it, watching the documentary helped! in reply to EdPisco #
  • @EdPisco This Country's Saving Grace. Just hit it at random. I like it though. Spoilt Victorian Child…. in reply to EdPisco #
  • Dimitry Orlov's incredible presentation about how the world is going to change and what you can do to be ready. Powerful. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-12

  • Saw on BBC News other day. Embarrassing. BBC News like Newsround was 20 years ago + robot is a useless expensive joke! #
  • Cambodia Rocks! Amazing set of mp3 music from Cambodia in the 1970’s. Listen here: #
  • RT @eggbutnobacon: Enjoyed 1st Kombucha Me too – it was like cider but non-alcoholic. Really nice over ice..! #
  • Wondering who to vote for today? Paul Kingsnorth gives a good overview of parties and why you SHOULD VOTE! Get out there.. #
  • Ben Goldacre cuts through the dodgy figures and media reporting once again, this time about illegal downloads #
  • Wheatgrass, Kombucha, Jiagulan, Tai Chi, Tea, Thai Food. Don’t want to leave this place. OK except maybe for Tormorden #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 31-05-2009

  • Great review of “A Farm for the future” Doc on peak oil,climate change and farming in the UK. An essential view #
  • Great stuff from Craig Murray. Why Guardian fails to mention his recent testimony + more failings of the “liberal” media #
  • You people like tests. Try this political compass (Left/Right/Authoritarian/Anarchist) I came in the far bottom left…. #